Leila was my Coach about a year ago, and I continue to feel the positive effects. I decided to use her services to help me overcome a fear that was impacting an otherwise pretty darn good life. She was extremely professional, warm, and obviously knew what she was doing, and....it worked!

She spent time to get to know me and took me through her signature program, and a year later, I can tell you the fear is truly not there, and it has truly helped restore my own confidence. I highly recommend. It was worth every penny.
— Lori
After hearing Leila speak and do a short demonstration of how she helps people overcome emotional roadblocks, it was obvious that she has the knowledge of the science and experience with the techniques to really help people break through their barriers. Just in that short time, I experienced a great revelation – something that had been in my way of delegating more to my team.
-- Laurie, Business Owner
Talking to Leila for just one hour completely broke the spell of my problem.
— Lonnie
Leila has worked with me on a couple occasions. I have experienced tremendous personal growth in such a short time!!! There’s a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities in me and out there. Thank you Leila!
— Donna
Leila is brilliant! If you are stuck in your business or personal life she has a way of finding that mental or emotional block and helping you remove it from your path. After 2 sessions with her, she was able to help me release the fear that was holding me back from reaching the next level in my business. She is smart, professional and has a caring way that makes you completely comfortable.
-- April
Working with Leila was amazing! She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She helped me with my health goals and with my overall mindset. She exceeded my expectations and you can tell she’s an expert in her field. I would recommend to anyone looking for quick results to start working with her now!
— Meg F.
Leila is an incredible coach! I worked with her and gained incredible insight and understanding on how I operate. This information has been invaluable to me and my family. I shared her findings with them and it has improved my relationships with not only my boyfriend (now husband) but with his kids too!
— Brenda B.
Leila is kind and gentle. She has a unique way of sorting through the clutter in your mind and guide to to the path of being "unstuck". Sometimes you get stuck when you are making a major change in your life or sometimes when nothing is changing at all - you have a certain feeling of not knowing what move to make - that's being stuck. That's when you call Leila. She's an amazing coach and person. I recommend her services!
-- Dionne
Leila Ansart will make you think more deeply about your wants and needs than you ever have before. Not just any goals, but the most important ones. ...

I think her most important work is one-on-one, helping individuals to clear all of the roadblocks and reach the next stop on the journey. If you feel stuck, or worse yet, if you feel like you are wandering aimlessly, you need to call Leila! Leila listens and guides her clients to take the lead and help themselves to find the right, clear path.
— Karen
I contacted Leila about my anxiety about the dentist. I hadn’t ever experienced this overwhelming anxiety in other areas of my life at all. Because of the anxiety, I was having trouble keeping my dental appointments. When I had to have any work done, I had to take medication to overcome these feelings, which I really didn’t like doing.

After our hypnosis sessions together, my anxiety is gone! I feel completely in control again. I recently had my dental visit and was calm, peaceful, and didn’t even need my music for distraction! I would definitely recommend working with Leila.
— Julie
If you are stuck in any part of life, Leila has a strategy! She is warm and very easy to work with. She has a passion and a gift for encouraging and empowering others. I highly recommend her for both one on one consults as well as group speaking engagements.
-- Kristy H
Recently, I met Leila and realized that she might be able to help me overcome some walls I felt like I was hitting in my life which impacted my career tremendously. After meeting with her I quickly realized that she could help me unlock some closed doors that were blocking my success in life and my career.

I never imagined it would be so quick. A few short days later, I had begun a high level of activity in my career and a FEELING of relief and happiness that I haven’t felt in many years!

Since then, I have gone from several weeks of no sales to 16 consective weeks of sales, and my closing ratio has more than doubled. Don’t ask me how it works, that is her expertise! Ask me IF it works? YES, it was amazing to come out feeling different in such a short time.
— Elita
My business was really facing some challenges. I realized I wasn’t charging what I was worth, and I couldn’t seem to get myself to do so. I had a really hard time owning that my 20 years of experience was valuable enough. This was showing up in how I interacted with my clients, when I would speak publicly. I was holding back - not really being me, and it was stopping my business from growing.

Leila was very focused on getting me results... and it worked!

After our sessions, it felt like a weight had been lifted from me; one I didn’t even know was there. I felt physically lighter. I finally could be authentically me in working with clients and when I was speaking. It’s been over 2 months now. The way I view everything has changed, and the results have even crept into other areas of my life besides my business too.
— April
Leila was warm and very engaging. Her talk was interesting, and she included humor and a way for the audience to identify an action item and plan. I left feeling encouraged and had a tangible way to apply the info from the talk. Highly recommend her.
-- Maria Inoa, LCSW, Licensed Therapist and Public Speaker
I had the great fortune of attending a presentation on productivity given by Leila at a Women’s Expo. As a long time student of personal and professional development I am often disappointed because there is so little new information or tactics presented.

Leila blew me away with a great balance of science, anecdotal data and most importantly, tactics and worksheets, that we could put to use immediately. I highly recommend her for public speaking and workshops. And as a keynote speaker she spoke during our lunch on intentionally and again, it was actionable and relatable.
— Michelle Y. Talbert, Esq.
Leila was recently recognized as a Trail Blazer by my company as someone who is creating change in her community and empowering others. She was a speaker at a recent event and working with her was delightful. She was easy to work with, helpful, accommodating and responded to requests and deadlines timely. She arrived early and was ready to go on stage at her scheduled time. Her interaction with the group was heartfelt and authentic. The feedback from our guests was all positive, and we have asked her back to speak again.
— April Caldwell, MBA, Business Owner, Women’s Money Coach