My mission in life is to help the ambitious to reignite their souls, recover from taking care of everything + everyone, and find a sweet balance between success + fulfillment.

My signature coaching style is a blend of coaching +  conversation + empathy + healing + brainstorming + action mapping + accountability.

I create a no-judgement space for you to explore and rekindle what ignites your soul, so in the context of your own ‘why’, you can renew a successful mindset and develop your next action plan. 

I offer coaching both in-person in Jacksonville Florida, and in English speaking countries worldwide over video calls.


Which path are you on?


You’re at the helm of your own ship, and everything falls to you. You’ve experienced success but the sacrifices have taken their toll. You’re responsible for the livelihood of others and the pressure is great. Sometimes you fear you are losing you in the everyday hustle of making it all work. You may even be contemplating starting a new venture that will fill your soul. It would be great to have a confidential space to explore these challenges with a knowledgeable + skilled coach.

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You’re leading a team, and you are ready to increase your leadership skills so you can be more effective, create an impact within your organization, and increase your value + income. The skills that have brought you this far in your career aren’t the same ones you need to move forward. It’s time to invest in you.

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You’re in sales and relationships are everything. You believe you can grow this thing, but lately, you’ve been hitting a block. You are at a plateau with your production and can’t seem to get things to budge. What’s the common denominator with everyone in your pipeline? YOU. You’ve already tried what you know and it’s not enough. It’s time to explore a new approach.

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I never imagined it would be so quick. Since then, I have gone from several weeks of no sales to 16 consective weeks of sales, and my closing ratio has more than doubled.
— Elita Clark Owner, Beyond the Green, N2 Publishing
I can tell you the fear is truly not there, and it has helped restore my confidence. I highly recommend. It was worth every penny.
— Lori M., Project Manager
Leila is an incredible coach! I worked with her and gained incredible insight and understanding on how I operate. It has improved my relationships with not only my boyfriend but with his kids too!
— Brenda B.
She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She exceeded my expectations and you can tell she’s an expert in her field.
— Meg F.
After our session together, my anxiety is gone! I feel completely in control again.
— Julie N.
I have experienced tremendous personal growth in such a short time! There’s a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities in me and out there.
— Donna V.