What is Coaching exactly?

Coaching is a professional relationship entered into when a client wants to gain traction on a goal using more skills than their own. To shorten up the learning curve, the Coach assists the Client in achieving a specific goal by using their resources, knowledge and skills. Oftentimes this includes teaching new skills, acting as a sounding board for ideas and struggles, and offering objective insight to assist in seeing a situation differently.
Albert Einstein famously said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” Read about this client experience and results.


Do I have to commit to a program or can I just book one session?

You can absolutely book a single session with me, and see some measured results. Booking a program allows you to: 1 – Grab the savings that is offered when booking a program, and 2 – A program allows you to gain traction on an ongoing project with a Coach’s help, while having access to ongoing feedback, support and continued learning that builds from one session to the next. Schedule a free call with me to explore which option would be best for you.


I'm so busy, how can I justify time for coaching?

Coaching has the potential to save you time and money because you have access to an expert’s knowledge, skills, feedback and methods. It’s like learning to type when you are used to picking out the letters on the keyboard one by one. Yes, it takes a time investment up front, but the payoff potential is huge. In fact, SCORE tells us that “Small business owners who receive three or more hours of mentoring report higher revenues and increased growth.” Coaching allows you to compress learnings from decades into days. Discuss your time concerns with Leila on a free phone call. In addition, coaching is available over video call, making fitting it in your schedule as easy as possible.

Does every session go the same way?

Sessions are highly personalized to your own needs and pressing concerns. Sometimes it’s conversational, sometimes brainstorming, sometimes mapping out a plan and action items. Varied forms of coaching are used depending on your interest, preference and priorities.


How do I measure results from Coaching?

As an Executive Coach obsessed with results and productivity, I am big on making sure you can measure your results and see an improvement in your processes, profit, and success mindset. Priorities vary for each person, so, in our initial conversation, we outline the priorities you have, and discuss metrics for measurement so that you can be 100% satisfied with your coaching results.

How long do you typically work with clients?

When coaching 1-1, I typically work with clients between 1-3 sessions and 6 months. Length of coaching is entirely up to you, and what serves your current challenges and priorities. There’s no right or wrong here –it’s about what you need to move you and your business forward. In group programs clients often stay with me for longer, as they are receiving such incredible value that they don't want to leave. Schedule a free call to talk through this with me and see what would get you the best results.


After finishing a program with you, can I come back for an 'emergency session'?

Yes you absolutely can. I’d love to see you again. Book your session here.