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Overcoming obstacles and setbacks is easier when you implement an important shift that puts you back in charge, increases your resilience, and allows you to speak your truth.

Attendees will identify concrete ways to increase their effectiveness, confidence, and their competitive edge.


Listen in on what a few audience members said after experiencing this keynote.

She caught me right at the beginning and I wanted to hear every word she said.
She’s very inspirational.
— Carrie



Help your audience finally change their pattern of negative self talk, and get back to thriving and confidence.

Through storytelling and real life examples, attendees will be invited to adopt Leila’s signature 5 step method to end destructive self-talk. Through instant shifts, they will reacquaint themselves with their empowered selves, and increase their confidence.


Moving beyond traditional goal setting, Leila will explore the role of the unconscious mind and how it impacts your ability to get results.

Through story telling and practical examples, Leila will show your audience a side to setting goals they haven’t heard before.

An interactive group exercise will challenge participants and help them to make this practical for themselves immediately.

Great for professional development sessions or planning workshops.


Learn the 3 shifts you can make to be more productive — within the restraints of YOUR OWN priorities + schedule while reclaiming that elusive feeling of ‘balance’ many of us crave (sneak peek: it doesn’t involve what you think!)  

This training is highly actionable and includes handouts attendees can use to make immediate changes to their lives.

This is an instant impact speech!

See a preview of one of Leila’s workshops below…

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I had the great fortune of attending a presentation on productivity given by Leila at a Women’s Expo. As a long time student of personal and professional development I am often disappointed because there is so little new information or tactics presented.

Leila blew me away with a great balance of science, anecdotal data and most importantly, tactics and worksheets, that we could put to use immediately. I highly recommend her for public speaking and workshops. And as a keynote speaker she spoke during our lunch on intentionally and again, it was actionable and relatable.
— Michelle Y. Talbert, Esq.
Having some fun with attendee Safura Osmani of Jax Vegan Couple
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Leila was so comfortable with the audience. They were on the edge of their seats, wanting to know what she was going to say next. She was a joy to work with. The feedback has been great and they are still talking about how wonderful she was.
— April Caldwell, Founder of Trailblazers + Event Planner
I really enjoyed the workshop Leila presented. Though I have attended many different types of events, the content of this one was different and gave me new ideas I had not previously considered. Some of the techniques thinking about your past and the emotions associated with it, I still use today. I really enjoyed how Leila was clear in her presentation and brought complex concepts to a more “layman” viewpoint, that I could experience and use right away. Would definitely attend her event again.
— Wendy Griffis Realtor
Mindset content that was inspirational, insightful, and surprisingly practical too. Most definitely one of the most useful sessions today. “

“Authentic, relatable, heartwarming and polished. Thank you for a great workshop!”

“Leila is a engaging speaker. Her presentations are clear, concise, and very practical, and she is approachable and friendly.
— Various Attendees
The description of the seminar intrigued me—and the session did not disappoint! Leila knows her stuff, and her approachable and conversational style made the information easy to understand and use immediately. So many workshops talk theory but not implementation. I found myself immediately applying the concepts to my thinking and conversations—and I continue to use the concepts months later! The workshop has helped me focus in on my goals, change my approach to communicating, and has piqued my interest in the science behind these new ways of thinking.
— Erin O’Malley Speaker, Facilitator, ErinOConsulting
Leila is a dynamic presenter who can quickly measure the vibe and learning style of her audience and quickly adjust. She’s relatable and can instantly make you feel like you’ve known her for years. She’s dedicated and detail oriented, letting you know that she’s put a lot of time and effort into her presentation. I would not hesitate to hire her for one-to-one or group training.
— Marcia King Cofounder, Savvy Outsourcing
AFWA -Full Panel
I attended a Catalyst event earlier this year and came away with some real actionable information that pertained to me and my goals. I’ve been to motivational conferences before but what made this one even more valuable was the individual time we had to complete the activities right then and there. I felt like I walked away with more clarity, more direction and actionable step than when I walked in. I believe reaching your goals is an iterative process and takes work. Attending this event was a perfect place to get to work! That is priceless!
— Allison Naseri, entrepreneur
Leila is a compelling speaker and really grabs her audience’s attention.
— Courtney Hughes Vice President, Human Resources Business Partner The Adecco Group
Leila was warm and very engaging. Her talk was interesting, and she included humor and a way for the audience to identify an action item and plan. I left feeling encouraged and had a tangible way to apply the info from the talk. Highly recommend her.
— Maria Inoa, LCSW, Licensed Therapist and Public Speaker
Leila was recently recognized as a Trail Blazer by my company as someone who is creating change in her community and empowering others. She was a speaker at a recent event and working with her was delightful. She was easy to work with, helpful, accommodating and responded to requests and deadlines timely. She arrived early and was ready to go on stage at her scheduled time. Her interaction with the group was heartfelt and authentic. The feedback from our guests was all positive, and we have asked her back to speak again.
— April Caldwell, MBA, Business Owner, Women’s Money Coach
“Leila spoke for my group, the Women’s Business Luncheon, last month. Leila always brings sunshine into the room with her presence. I can count on her to deliver a message of relevant positivity to her audience, as well as practical steps to improve daily life. Leila is professional, polished, organized and down to earth. Her topic is relevant to a diverse set of audiences, and she is able to hone in on the particular needs of any given group. She rocks!”
— Karen Rivera, Marketing Coach & Consultant KBar Productions

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